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Public Comments

  • My concern is with the safety of pedestrians who park in the Metra commuter spaces along Summit Ave. Access to and from your car requires walking along the curb between the parking spaces and Summit Ave. Meanwhile, southbound cars are zipping by at 45 MPH, sometimes within a few feet of walkers. Only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or worse. The safest solution would be to extend the sidewalk south of the parking spaces that currently exists between Prospect Ave. and Euclid Ave. I believe this should be extended at least to Ridge Terrace. This would not come cheap, but I believe the cost is well worth ensuring the safety of Park Ridge commuters.
  • Build a large multi-level parking facility and charge a fair parking rate like other progressive municipalities have.
  • Lived here for 50 years, no longer shopping or going to the Pickwick Restaurant; got tired of looking for a place to park.
  • Build a large parking garage on the lot at Prairie & Garden Streets. The lot is usually mostly empty, a big waste of space when there is a crucial need. Better yet, build a shelter for people who get off the train and have cars pick them up at the shelter instead of taking up the whole street idling in their cars on Main Street for l/2 hour while they wait for passengers to get off the train and amble over to the car.
  • Why is it illegal to back into spaces? This seems to serve no purpose. For drivers of large SUVs and pickup trucks it is safer and easier to back into a spot and pull out of it. For all vehicles, it is safer and easier to pull through a spot. I do not understand why backing in or pulling through to a spot are illegal. This law seems to serve no purpose.
  • As a resident of Park Ridge, it is very difficult to finding parking to ride the Metra into downtown Chicago. Public transportation parking should not be ignored because new businesses have opened. We have seen many business open and close over the last few years. According to, the Gewalt study there are very few parking spaces currently available for Metra riders. I assume it has something to do with the loss of parking adjacent to the Prairie Ave Pay Box (new housing) and the lot east of Cumberland Park (which is now AT&T). We should be preserving the use of public transportation and getting out of the car by parking it close to public transportation. This is an important element to considering with new parking initiatives.
  • I own a business in Park Ridge and rent an office uptown by the rail road tracks. Since all the new restaurants/bars have moved in (which I am not againt) and constant construction projects are always taking place, it is almost impossible to find a parking spot. Im getting tired of circling around the block over and over again to maybe get lucky and find a spot and if I finally find one I have only 3 hours (free parking) to park there and then have to start the process over again with a new spot. The landlord of the building I rent my office from does not have its own private lot. If any clients visit my business I feel like I am putting them out by having them look and circle around the block to find a space to park. I am seriously thinking of relocating my business elsewhere. My lease is up in June and have already scouted other business districts, quite possibly out of Park Ridge all together.
  • I’m aware that there are limited parking spaces in Park Ridge, but more handicap spaces are much needed. Please take this into consideration.
  • On South Fairview I think the parking would be better maximized by sectioning spaces off with white lines. As it is now where there is room for 5 cars only 4 can park because the 4 parked cars are parked too far apart from each other.
  • Eliminate the meters for on street parking on the side streets off of Devon Avenue. Why have meters at some locations and free parking (time limit) at others. If you want people to patronize businesses, including restaurants, let them park with a time limit at no charge. This is a plus when compared to parking in Chicago, and I’m sure many Park Ridge businesses serve customers from Chicago, including me.
  • No more meters.
  • Street parking in Uptown is somewhat difficult, but this is to be expected in a growing “urban” environment. I appreciate the lack of parking meters and the 3-hr limit prevents Metra parkers and in general, seems to rotate the spaces pretty well. My larger concern is parking on Main St which has become more difficult. There is currently a lot off Prairie St behind the Chamber building that are city owned, but used for private parking. The lot is rarely filled with more than 10-15 cars and has about 50 spaces. Making this lot public would alleviate a great deal of congestion.
  • The parking lot behind Panera and Sola often floods during storms. It also is in desperate need for some beautification.